What is the Service Charge I see on my estimate and my final bill?

When you receive your event estimate, you notice a “Service Fee.” What is the fee?

A simple explanation for the “service fee” is that it is the event production fee. This production fee is not a gratuity to the staff. Rather it covers all the costs that go into creating the event, minus the food and beverage costs. The “Service Fee” covers things such as tastings, walk throughs, meetings, phone conversations, creation of Banquet Event Order (BEO) forms, payment processing  contracts, diagrams, office staff, servers, linens, dishes, serving items, prep cooks, chef, dishwasher, housekeeping, banquet stewards, utilities, office supplies, day to day events, etc.

The Banquet Event Order (BEO) will show you a breakdown of the food, beverage, security guard, bartender and anything related to the event. The service charge helps cover the costs of items you do not see that go into the preparation of your event.

Why do I need to have a contract for my event?

A contract is a written document that spells out everyone's responsibilities.  You should read your contract so you understand what your obligations are and what our obligations are. 

Can we bring our own alcohol to our event?

No.  The California Alcoholic Board is very strict with liquor licenses.  We do not allow outside alcohol to be brought into the hotel for events.  We confiscate any outside alcohol.  We have a wide selection of beers, wines and alcohol to ensure you have a great time.  Ask your Event Coordinator for our selection

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